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Things to Consider Before your Extension

When deciding on whether or not to get a house extension, there are many things to consider. You may be looking for better use of your wasted space, perhaps your garden is bigger than needed. Or you might be craving more daylight in a certain area of the house, extensions can majorly increase the light intake inside your home. Not only that, extensions can also up your property value by an outstanding 23%, continue reading if you’re now considering growing your home!

Okay, so you’ve decided a house extension is what you want, now you need to determine which type. There are 6 main different types of extensions:

  • Single storey or rear home extensions. (Good for if your garden is large)
  • Double or multi-storey extensions. (An option for if you don’t have a lot of land)
  • Cellar or basement conversions. (A great way to make use of wasted space)
  • Wrap around home extensions. (If you have a small interior with a large exterior)
  • Kitchen extensions. (Maybe you spend a lot of time in the kitchen)
  • Outbuilding, orangeries and conservatories. (Looking for lighting? This is for you.)

In order to decide which one of these would best suit you, you need to consider; 1) Your family size. 2) The land you have to work with and 3) Planning permission. Before deciding, answer each question carefully, this is just phase 1 of planning your new home.

If you’re concerned about planning permission then here are some simple words of advice. The simpler you keep the extension, the simpler your life will be. It is not the law to have planning permission of your land if it’s in your permitted development rights, so therefore you first want to find out what those actually are, and work from there.

It works the same for architects too, if your expansion is kept as straightforward as possible, you won’t need to fork out extra cash, research is everything.

Hopefully you have now come to terms with the extension you desire, and in a place to be quoted. Here at R.C Freeman Builders, we offer a free quotation service in order to give you the freedom of choice of what it is you really want, without pressure. With over 15 years of experience and competitive prices, what have you really got to lose?

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